Week One of 21 day FIX is in the books and I feel GREAT!

Why am I doing 21 day FIX? So, for months I have been exercising inconsistently. I little yoga here, cardio there, maybe some weight training. I had no real plan. I also, didn’t eat regularly or consistently. I would become very hungry and then binge, this made me very tired and cranky. It was easier when I worked because I had to make my lunch and take all the food I wanted for the day with me (I had to plan.)

A friend told me about 21 day FIX and I thought it would be a good way for me to get back into a healthy/fit lifestyle. And I want to finish loosing the baby weight. But, most importantly I needed to take time for myself because I am happier when I am fit and healthy. So, the 21 day FIX journey began.

I was very excited to begin and to have a plan (I am a planner.) The day before I started I made my meal plan for the week. This took a little bit of time and was well worth the investment. I love that the workouts are only 30 minutes! I am not an early morning exerciser so, there is usually at least one child if not two awake when I exercise.

The first workout was a full body workout. It was not as intense as I had expected (I have done P90X) but it was no walk in the park. 21 day FIX seems like a great starting point for anyone just starting or getting back into regular exercise. Throughout the week, I had to use the modifier for some exercises or second sets. At no point was I very sore or hurting. I was aware of the muscles I had worked and I felt stronger.

My three big takeaways from week one:

  1. Eating is good! And important for my body to function. I was not as tired, in fact I had lots of energy. I enjoy eating clean, whole foods and have discovered many great new recipes. My family has also enjoyed all the fruit and veggies we now have on hand.
  2. Meal planning is important and saves money. Meal planning saves me so much time throughout the day. I just look at my plan and eat what is listed. No counting calories or over thinking dinner. I make my grocery list based off of the meal plan and only buy the items needed. I used to think eating fresh, whole foods was expensive, but I actually spend less money now at the grocery store.
  3. I need to take time for me! I know we are all busy being adults but we need to find the time for ourselves. This makes us happier and more centered. I have learned that the laundry or the dishes will still be there after I exercise. Now, I have more energy to take care of the laundry and dishes.

Not only do I feel great; I am seeing results! I have already lost inches around my waist and my clothes are looser. I feel stronger and I know that I am setting a good example for my kids. My daughter has started many conversations about what are healthy foods and how much to eat. I am very inspired that my experience has motivated others to strive for a healthy/fit lifestyles. Looking forward to the week ahead!

Please leave a comment if you would like more information about 21 day FIX, clean eating, or any Beachbody program.

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