Summer Learning Time

Summer Learning Time

The past two summers when August rolls around I realize that I failed to help my daughter with school skills over the summer. I always have the best intentions but never had a plan. When I don’t have a plan time gets away from me.

I know better! I am a teacher and know how important it is for kids to practice skills over the summer. My oldest daughter, D, is going into third grade. School will be getting more intense and I don’t want her to spend the first month just reviewing or relearning. I want her to hit the ground running.

So this year I have a plan. We spend 20-30 minutes 6 days a week reviewing and practicing skills. Luckily my daughter’s school sells summer workbooks for different skills. But, you can get great workbooks at Costco, Lakeshore, and many other stores. We are even using a math workbook that she did not finish during school this past year. The past years school workbooks is an other option. Often students do not finish these books or only do a few pages for each skill.

IMG_2462 IMG_2463 IMG_2367

My little one will be going into pre-k. She does Learning Time just like her big sister every morning. Her summer work consists of letter, number, color, and shape review, cutting, glueing, letter writing. She is using a writing book from school and a workbook that I picked up at a store.

Other Daily Activities

Also, on the girls’ daily list are 30 minutes of reading time, play outside, create or build something, and D is to write notes to friends/pen-pals.

D’s city
Little One working on her town









So far this plan has worked very well. We are three weeks into summer and the girls are eager to get their Learning Time in the morning. Last week was very busy so we had to alter the plan but we got the work done.

It is not too late to start. Many stores have summer skills books for sale. Just a few minutes a day will help your kids stay active in learning and current with their skills.

Happy Summer Learning!

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